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Hermann Ebbinghaus and His Contributions to Psychology

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Contributions of Hermann Ebbinghaus to Memory: An Essay

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Herman Ebbinghaus Essay Sample

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Contributions of Hermann Ebbinghaus to Memory: An Essay

Herman Ebbinghaus Essay Sample. Hermann Ebbinghaus was a German psychologist who is best known for his experimental study of memory. Hermann Ebbinghaus is credited for the forgetting curve, the spacing effect and was the first to describe what a learning curve was. Hermann Ebbinghaus was a German psychologist who pioneered the experimental study of memory, and is known for his discovery of the forgetting curve and the spacing effect.

He was also the first person to describe the learning curve. He was the father of the eminent. Hermann Ebbinghaus, (born January 24,Barmen, Rhenish Prussia [Germany]—died February 26,Halle, Germany), German psychologist who pioneered in the development of experimental methods for the measurement of rote learning and memory.

Herman Ebbinghaus was a known German psychologist. He was the pioneer in the experimental study of memory as well as discovering spacing effect and the forgetting curve. Born on January 24 th,in Barmen, Germany he was the son of. Hermann Ebbinghaus (January 24, – February 26, ) was a German psychologist who pioneered the experimental study of memory, and is known for his discovery of the forgetting curve and the spacing effect.

He was also the first person to describe the learning curve.

Hermann Ebbinghaus – a pioneer of memory research

Hermann Ebbinghaus is credited for the forgetting curve. the spacing consequence and was the first to depict what a acquisition curve was.

Ebbinghaus began his surveies in in a testing lab in Germany ; Wilhelm Wundt was besides carry oning psychological science experiments at the same lab.

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